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Knowledge of the maritime environment

Through their organizational skills and capacity, the SHOM and the hydrographic and oceanographic groups are fully qualified to help with the implementation of the military, oceanographic activities. Such activities also rely largely on the sea based resources deployed by the maritime regions and forces, for instance when it comes to carrying out scientific campaigns or acquiring bathythermal data. 

The French Navy has a constantly growing need for updated information concerning the maritime environment, and most particularly regarding the speed of sound propagation in the aqueous environment, bathymetry, sedimentology, gravitational field... Such information  aiming to an always improved understanding/exploitation of the oceanic and meteorological environment in order to get optimized weapon systems (such as sonars, radars, but also torpedoes, rockets, embarked aircraft...) and to develop a unique, qualified methodology for assessing any current situation (GHOM) that might be used by both the command and information systems.

The SHOM services provide such efficient tools that are adapted to the new forms of military conflicts. Designed to be incorporated in embarked databases, they are provided as traditional or numeric data (extracted from SHOM databases). 

SHOM is actively collaborating with many external organizations, such as Météo-France, the National Centre of Scientific Research, Ifremer, the Universities... It also uses the data provided by the Earth Observation Satellites (Topex Poséidon, ERS1, JASON, SPOT...).


Collaborative partners

The SHOM Brest office is located on the outer side of Brest, nearby the University of Western Brittany and not far away from the Brest-Iroise Technopole. 

Opened to numerous forms of collaborations, SHOM is engaged with many military and civil organisms in joint activities, research or development oriented. Key among these civilian partners are Ifremer*, Météo-France, the University of Western Brittany, or CNRS as well. 

These collaborative activities are internationally oriented as well, including joint actions with foreign Research organizations concerning military oceanography, and participation to several working groups organized by OHI to discuss latest developments in nautical documents and electronic nautical charts. 

SHOM issues official electronic nautical charts (ENC) that are distributed by Primar, the commercial label of the European Center of Coordination for Electronic Charts (RENC).

 * The French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer)





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