7 future marine cartographers trained at Shom's School in 2024

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7 future marine cartographers trained at Shom's School in 2024

Mis à jour le 11/01/2024

Since January the 8th, Shom's School has welcomed a new class to its benches. During 9 months, 7 students from a wide range of backgrounds will be preparing to become category 2 cartographic technicians. This certification is approved by the IFS/IHO/ICA* committee and recognised internationally.

Promotion 2024 du cours de cartographie de l'Ecole du Shom

Among them,4 foreign students are coming from the military, of Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Indonesia. They were offered this training in the framework of defence cooperation between France and their home countries.

The other three students are French. They were selected to take the course through a national test organised by the Ministry of Defence, and will work in Shom's cartography department once they have completed their training.


Vignette Eleve Cours cartographie

   "It is a great opportunity for me to be at Shom for this training in marine cartography, because we don't have such training in my home country. Shom has a great reputation in the maritime history of the world and its school is one of the best in the field of marine cartography.

It is also a chance for a foreign student to discover France and Brest in particular." 

Mohamed Amine, Tunisian student at Shom's School




More information on this training : drh-for-eco@shom.fr


*IFS - International Federation of Surveyors

OHI - International Hydrographic Organization

ICA - International Cartographic Association

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