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​Maritime Spatial Planning

Reviewing and Evaluating the Monitoring and Assessment of Maritime Spatial Planning


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Main objectives

The ReMAP project is focused in setting-up strategies and approaches to review Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), and in particular grounded on the interest for the development of data tools, models and reuse of operational data infrastructures, allowing interoperability and enabling Member States (MS) to share MSP data and assessment information.

The main objective is to provide EU MS with ReMAP innovative technical framework for the support of the European MSP process. This framework is mainly aimed at the review, performance assessment and improvement of the adopted plans. ReMAP consortium and proposed framework build on the efforts of the Technical Expert Group (TEG) on MSP data and EMODnet to harmonize EU MSP data layer and propose innovative approach of digital tools.

These modular analytics include 11 simplified analytical modules and related webtools considering environmental, economic, social, governance and safety aspects. This approach decreases the complexity of the assessments and, at the same time, increases the probability to be reused by wide MSP community. ReMAP framework will be developed and tested by the consortium on the local level (Galicia, Spain) and on two cross-border use cases: the Western Mediterranean sub-basin, where it will be applied with Spanish, French and Italian MSP (distributed approach); and for the Baltic basin applied by just one partner (centralised approach).

Shom's role

In the REMAP project Shom provides its knowledge and experience as the official provider for French national maritime limits and for reference data regarding the physical marine environment and navigation safety. Shom already participated to different EU MSP projects: SIMCelt, SIMNORAT, SIMWESTMED, SEANSE, SIMAtlantic and MSPMED. It is currently a partner of REGINA-MSP, eMSP-NBSR and MSP-OR projects. During REMAP project, it will bring its experience capitalized during its participation to these others MSP projects in terms of preparation of digital MSP plans, MSP data collection and management. Shom’s experience in navigation safety will be a key aspect for the project.


36 months - 01/11/2022 to 31/10/2025

Funding programme

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European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF)




The project is overseen by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). The project involves 6 partners from 4 countries of European Union: Italy, Spain, France and HELCOM which will be represented by its headquarter in Finland. The ReMAP project bring together national and European authorities responsible for MSP. 

Partenariat ReMAP


Head of Shom's MSP team